Media library doesn't filter by name

Looking at the media library filter options, I only get created/updated at, size and type. Is there a way to make it filter by name?

Trying to filter on the /upload/files endpoint or from another model via the relation?

The former should allow filtering on any of the properties listed in the file.settings.json here (minus any JSON field types):

But the latter via a relations, no because the relation is a polymorphic one (same reason you can’t filter on components)

Dear DMehaffy,
can you please explain your answer ?
I’m upload 7000 pictures to media library and can’t understand how I can find picture. (5.3.2 version)
Standart filters don’t allow to filter by name, alternativeText and caption.
Is it possible to configure standart media library with possibility to filter by name ?

@Gayrat As you can see I don’t believe we have the filter option yet, but the search bar up above should allow you to search based on file name.

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