Media library lifecycle hooks

Hey there!
I wanted to add beforeCreate() lifecycle hook to when I upload a media file (mostly .MP4).
Just needed a quick guide on where to write this code (including the path and the file name) . Also, the entire project is in Typescript.

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<@960590891200970812> any solution to this?

I have not done it yet, but you can you can checkout the docs here Models | Strapi Documentation you can register a subscriber and listen to events programmatically:

here is the way you would subscribe a life cycle hook to the upload plugin

  async bootstrap({ strapi }) {
      models: ["plugin::upload.file"],

      beforeCreate(event) {

        const { data, where, select, populate } = event.params;

        console.log("before create fired with data: ", data);

        // event.state = "doStuffAfterWards";