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Hi, I am new to strapi, I am facing issue with media library, as soon as I create a relationship between 2 content types, after that I cannot access my media library and cannot upload any media from the strapi admin.

From content manager I am unable to upload any media, it is always giving me this error:
“Woops! Something went wrong. Please, try again.”

And the media library is just showing a blank page, with this error in the console:
Uncaught TypeError: Failed to construct ‘URL’: Invalid URL

I am using the latest version of strapi and node version v18.2.0 and postgres as database.

Kindly assist for a possible solution, thanks


Yes I am having the same issue!

I got it working by first creating the content types and then populating the content types with atleast 2 entries each and then I created the relation between them and it worked, it is not showing any errors now and the media library is also working fine.

I got it fixed but I hope the Strapi Dev Team can take a note of this and fix this minor issue in the upcoming versions.

Hope it helps fellow devs and creators alike.


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I followed the quick start guide and then created a content type Blog with a media field, then I found out I can’t upload image and the media library broke down. Very annoying

After doing the changes as I have mentioned before, once I update the strapi version it again crashes when I try to access the media library, so I have created a backup and restored it to the previous version. @Eventyret kindly take note and please try to recreate on your end.


Yes Same Issue Here:
Strapi: 4.14.0-alpha.0
OS: Windows
Database: Mysql
Node: v18.16.1
npm: 9.5.1

I can’t upload and see Media Library Page on Strapi Admin (Crash) white blank, and have 2 entries of content type before, but same with no luck.
any solution?

I am seeing the same issue with Media Library.



If someone here is having the same issue and is on version 4.14.0-alpha, then you can downgrade to version 4.13.6 to solve the issue.
I created a Strapi project recently and I don’t know why the alpha version is the default?

Hi! Can you explain in more detail what exactly you did because I’m trying the same thing and it doesn’t work for me?