Media upload given 403 forbidden error Randomly

Hello dear community,

I’m facing a weird issue while uploading file either from Strapi Media Library or from client side project, the request gives back a 403 forbidden error, when I follow up nginx access log, sometimes it is, sometimes it is not, anyway the issue is random but it exist

If any one had the same issue or have any idea about it, I would be grateful

Server : AWS EC2, Nginx 1.25.0

Request details

Thank you

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I am facing a similar sort of issue but it uploads certain images but for others it gives 403. I am not sure about why it is happening

Facing issues with inconsistent image uploading can be frustrating. It seems that some images are giving a 403 error while others are uploading successfully. There could be various reasons for this issue, such as authorization issues, file format or size limitations, corrupted files, server-side issues, malware or security restrictions.