Method POST forbidden on custom route

System Information
  • 3.2.4:
  • Windows:
  • Node Version:
  • 12.22.1:
  • Yarn Version:

I try to follow this 403 forbidden when calling custom controller from Nuxt - #3 by fooyonghan but still not working. I have enable the routes access

“method”: “POST”,
“path”: “/contacts/captcha”,
“handler”: “contact.captcha”,
“config”: {
“policies”: []
“method”: “GET”,
“path”: “/contacts”,
“handler”: “contact.find”,
“config”: {
“policies”: []

Have you enabled the permissions to this endpoint in admin panel? USERS & PERMISSIONS PLUGIN/ROLES/

Was gonna ask the same thing, have you set the permissions?

Sorry,… I enable the permissions on wrong roles

Thanks guys