Migrate postgres db from v3 to v4

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.0
  • Operating System: fedora
  • Database: postgres
  • Node Version: v14.15.3
  • NPM Version: 7.17.0
  • Yarn Version: 1.22.10

Hi, strapi v4 beta is working fine,
but I have a postgres database in v3, which I need to migrate.

I guess you are working on a data migration guide.
Are there any scripts, or other ways to migrate the data right now?
I have a pretty urgent performance issue with v3, so I would be happy to get something, even if its still in development.

We are not recommending anyone migrate to v4 yet. We do plan to write a migration guide but it won’t be available day one when the v4-stable is released. ETA is roughly end of Dec/Jan

Hi @DMehaffy,
Any news about that migration guide from 3 to 4?
We have a large, time critical project that is due to launch at the beginning of February (with the whole CMS and API backend built on Strapi v3.6.8)…
We are curious to see how difficult the migration will be to v4… :worried:
Do you have an update on when the migration guide will be available?
Do you recommend waiting a while for migrating before running v4 on a production site, so that we have a reliable and stable v4 to run on?
Can’t seem to find anyone migrating yet and we are curious. :thinking:
Thanks for your advice!

Timeline is still TBD, we are going through the planning meetings this week.

Our current timeline suggests by the end of the quarter but that isn’t the hard deadline.

Hi @DMehaffy,

Can someone give even an outline of the process? or release an ‘in progress; all risk is on the individual’ type version?

I have some time available for the next week and would love to upgrade. I have a very vanilla setup but am worried about having to migrate 100’s of entries in production.

I’m more than happy to test/guinea pig the migration doc for someone.


We haven’t started on the database migration doc yet so there is nothing to share atm.

When we release we will release for all, there won’t be any kind of closed beta/alpha/wip

Righto, thanks @DMehaffy.

Guides are live