Mode Dev on traditional Server

Hello everybody,

I deployed strapi on a standard shared server (02switch) C-pannel in a subdomain on a Mysql database.

Everything goes well in production, if I go to my subdomain => I have my dashboard in production (I cannot manipulate the database, I understand well I can only do it in development mode).

The thing is that I can’t launch dev mode. same with NODE_ENV=production npm run start. even though the application is in development mode.

When I arrive at the Strapi welcome, it tells me that it is in Dev mode but when I connect Mail + Mp, the application is in production.

Is Dev mode launched from the server or just locally? because if I work locally the database is not synchronized.

I did tests on Heroku, so it’s much simpler, I develop locally, push to gitHub and presto the production is updated.

Thank you for your help

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Just a wild guess, but are you using ‘npm start’?

Well thats why

Use npm run develop or yarn develop

for develop i use npm run develop… the welcome of strapi say i am development, but after the credentrials, i am still in production, as i said on my first message,

Strapi is on a SubDomain, i run the command from tue virtual environment of the subdomain… it’s right ?

In theory yes

MMM… so somthing wrong !!!

In theory ,

I make the changes in Develop mode, and then the production is updated automatically?

U gotta push ur changes

Its git based

Ok, Thank you… ! I Now i understand better the workflow… It works well … Thank you so much… :wave: