Modify .public folder for media library uploads

I’m trying to modify the default .public folder path for media library uploads, i followed the tutorial and set up a application.json file which looked like this

	"public": {
	  "path": "./site",
	  "maxAge": 60000

inside config folder, but when i try to upload a file it keeps looking for .public folder.
Am I doing something wrong?

thanks in advance

I have also tried setting a custom middleware config file in “config/middleware.js”

module.exports = {
     settings: {
         public: {
             path: './site',

And know it uploads to the folder but after failst in the post /upload call

Any input here guys?

Thanks for this research. This information is very useful for my course work.

Ok, interesting meanung

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I’m migrating my strapi v3 to v4. we are starting with media library.

In v3 we were using custom upload.ts plugin which now a core feature of strapi, can someone please let me know what steps to follow and what are necessary changes required for the migrations?

do we need to migrate db also for media library?
what are the changes in upload.ts and plugin.ts?