MongoDB or SQL?

Hi we are at the moment of starting Strapi hosted on AWS EC2 instances.
Now our development agency decided to use MongoDB (atlas)
But I read for future (Strapi v4) and performance (because Strapi is structured) a more solid solution would be SQL (for example AWS RDS Postgresql cluster)

What do you think? Now we can easily swap…in a few months big migration ahead of all the customer data. So I would like to make now a good choice.

Thanks for any reaction.

I would advise to use SQL (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, or MySQL). Our v4 will launch without MongoDB support and a future MongoDB connector will be developed by the MongoDB/Mongoose teams themselves but will still be a 3rd party package (not built by us).

Many of our future features will be heavily relational based and due to various reasons we decided to stop maintaining our support for MongoDB (support in this context means compatibility and Enterprise support)


I agree wtih @DMehaffy here V4 will remove support for MongoDB. Personally and in Business I use PostgreSQL because of the scale I can bring it to and speed. Not that it’s a massive difference but a preferred way of working.

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