Multiple sites (domains) using one Strapi backend

We would like to set up 2 different web apps each with their own domain but use a single Strapi backend.

When a user interacts with a site, we need the emails that are sent to the user to come from that site. So if user is on site1, then any emails sent to the user come from If user is on site2, then emails sent to the user come from

Is this possible with Strapi. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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The question is quite general and hard to answer with this little information but as far as i understand you usecase this should be easily doable.

Considering you have an api route “yourstrapidomain/sendEmail” and call the api with POST you could pass informations such as “where the call is coming from” and use this information inside strapi (the controller probably) to send emails from the right domain.