Multiple users creating separate drafts for same entry


For my app I intend to build a feature where multiple users can independently & separately propose edits to an existing entry. The edits would be moderated before being applied to the original post. The moderator would compare current proposals and make choices as to what to apply to the original post. Some users, with enough trust, will have the power to have their edits accepted right away and automatically applied. The interface to do the moderation, I will be building that from scratch of course.

Can the Strapi Draft system be leveraged here; does it do what I need already or would it need to be extended?

Worst-case scenario, I know the brutal way of doing this: I copy-paste the model and rename it with “_Draft” and make a new field “Original ID” or something along those lines. When users make edits, they simply exist as entries of the “_Draft” model, ready to be moderated then applied to the original post. This will of course involve custom controllers/services, which I’m fine with.

However this means there’s no connection between the models and both will have to be maintained. Pain in the ass.

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