Mutual connections

Hello. Here’s something I cannot understand about kind of mutual connections and how to realize it the best way.
Let’s imagine Tinder.
There’s an object Human with some properties (gender, age, name etc)
He likes some other Humans , other Humans likes him, that is ok, no problems.
The problem starts when I try to make the mutual connections.
For example, when likes of who and whome matches I need to launch and support some logic.
Creating new object Match that has links to both Humans and troubles starts.
Match has 2 parameters: Human 1 and Human2 that should be linked to a dedicated parameter at Human.
In other words, when I open object Human I want to see the parameter my_matches that links to dedicated Match.
But it doesnt works.
This link creates to 1 Human only.

could you share your vision of the best way how to architect this need the best way?

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