My personal portfolio with Strapi + Nuxt

This was my first project with Strapi, and I love it so far! I used Nuxt for the frontend and it is statically generated.

With a static site, the API is only called once in deployment, so I am using Heroku for the backend.

So far, I am super happy with the project and excited for my next project using the JAMStack. :smile:


Awesome! thank you for sharing!

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Hey @cwray-tech thanks for the share! Loved your site. I’m also thinking of doing up my blog with Vue/Nuxt frontend, and Heroku for backend. But I hit a wall - apparently if I hosted Strapi on Heroku, I cant save my posts to the db on Heroku. Everytime the dyno stops, my posts disappear.

So how did you get around that? Any advice or general pointers would be awesome! Thank you!

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@jasonleow Yeah that is what is frustrating about heroku. I am using mongodb Atlas for my database. Heroku also has addons for other databases like MySQL… there are tutorials about deploying to Heroku on the Strapi documentation that will tell you how to do this.

For images I am using Cloudinary!

Thanks! I followed those tutorials for postgres but still no change! :frowning:

Have you written about deploying it using mongodb atlas somewhere? WOuld love to have a read :slight_smile:

Will also post a question on the forum for help…

@jasonleow your issue sounds like Strapi is still configured to SQLite even while running on Heroku and not actually using the PostgreSQL database. Do create a thread if you haven’t and we can work through it.

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Thanks Derrick! Suspected as much but I cant fix it. Will take this conversation on the other thread…

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@jasonleow just seen your question!!! The biggest hurdle for me with MongoDB was realizing that I need to accept incoming requests from all IP addresses with Heroku. That is what I did, and it worked fine. You can also set up static IP addresses in Heroku, which is much more secure, then only allow requests from that IP and your dev machine.

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