My sendgrid email setup is not working

is anyone know how to SendGrid email is work on strapi 3.6.3 with mongo?

I have already set up the below code on the plugin.js

email: {
config: {
provider: ‘sendgrid’,
providerOptions: {
settings: {
defaultFrom: ‘Strapi’,
defaultReplyTo: ‘Strapi

when I test the email below error is coming


Try changing the defaultFrom and defaultReplyTo to your own email addresses. It looks like the domain has DMARC enabled so your test may be getting caught there.


I agree on this. You don’t want to use that domain if you are using sendgrid you need your own

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I fixed this issue. after email sent.One Deep linking set on email is working on all Mobile OS except android 12. Does anybody know why deep linking is not working on android 12?