My Strapi project, a nonprofit (dance community) site based on the Corporate Template

This is my second project with Strapi. The first one hasn’t made it to production, so far, but this had the benefit of all that experience. It’s using React 17.0.2 and Strapi 4.5.6. Running on a DigitalOcean droplet with Ubuntu and nginx. React is running, I’m proxying, i.e. no SSR, but that’s a plan: port to Gatsby probably. I haven’t been down that road yet but I’m looking into it.

I’m using the CKEditor plugin, which is great. I have not figured out how to configure it yet. I mainly want to get rid of font options. (The guide concerning doesn’t seem correct, involves a .txt file that looks like json, and it does nothing. I will circle back eventually)

It uses MaterialUI (@mui5) and I use the mui theme (and React context) to store a lot of Strapi data, like a global entity with navbar data and other things. Very handy, no reducer.

It’s got a nice event calendar built around react-big-calendar. (And there’s a MUI instant coloring tool I made but it’s in an admin view)

The site’s subject is Contra Dancing.

I got a lot out of the Strapi corporate template, the backend example. I looked at its result in the admin, and looked at those files in the api and components. You know, the admin cannot handle that schema, but I figure how to modify the js and json files to get what I want, and get rid of a lot too. I made the admin nice and lean.