Need help: How populate relation from custom plugin inside a single type

I need help to get access to github_projects_projects field inside my projects-page single type:
here is the schema structure:
“kind”: “singleType”,
“collectionName”: “projects_pages”,
“info”: {
“singularName”: “projects-page”,
“pluralName”: “projects-pages”,
“displayName”: “Projects Page”,
“description”: “”
“options”: {
“draftAndPublish”: true
“pluginOptions”: {},
“attributes”: {
“title”: {
“type”: “string”,
“required”: true
“description”: {
“type”: “text”,
“required”: true
“github_projects_projects”: {
“type”: “relation”,
“relation”: “oneToMany”,
“target”: “plugin::github-projects.project”

and i tried to populate this within this function:

export async function getProjectsPageData() {

const url = new URL(‘/api/projects-page’, baseUrl) = qs.stringify({
populate: {
github_projects_projects: {
populate: ‘*’,

return await fetchData(url.href)

but i get only the title and description i cant reach the relational fields from github_projects_projects.

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