Need query example with API Parameters: "contains" filter with "or" operator

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.1.4
  • Operating System: Win 10
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Node Version: >=10.0.0
  • NPM Version: >=6.0.0
  • Yarn Version: -

Good day, everyone!

I was trying to test Strapi API of my old pet project (blog) in Postman.

Case example: user searches for blog articles, the entered value should be “contained” in title “or” content of articles.

I couldn’t find the query example with both “_contains” filter and “or” operator in docs. There’s an old GitHub issue about this, but no examples also.

I tried to do various combinations with “_where”, “_contains” and “or” but no luck.

Can anyone show me how to use the latter two together in query (without “qs” library, please)?


Where title contains test OR content contains test.


Oh, that’s how! I was doing a tiny bit incorrect. Thank you, Sunny Son!

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Many Thanks.
By reading and rereading the doc I began to tell myself that it was not possible.
Can be add this example to the doc. It will surely help a lot of people

Since the api has updated but this post is still the first result in google here is the solution for the current version: 2023-12 Strapi v4.8.2


So for this post example


Can be found in the docs here: Filters, Locale, and Publication State | Strapi Documentation

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