Nested component have two differenet behaviour

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I have two different behaviour when I create a nested component.

I have the component “Overview” and the component “OverviewElement” which has a component “Link”.

When I create firstly the component “Overview” with a title and description field then in the same UI of this component I add another field to create directly the component “OverviewElement” with the field title description and I add directly the third field which is a component that already exists called “Link”. Everything works well and the result is the “Overview” component which contains “OverviewElement” component which contains “Link” component, a three deep component strcuture.

I show you the picture :

But i have a different behaviour if i create firstly the “OverviewElement” with title, description field and I attach the “Link” component. It’s ok but when I want to create the the “Overview” component and add it’s field and then, finally the last field it’s the “OverviewElement” there is no OverviewComponent shown in the dropdownlist :

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work ?