New collection type 404'ing on production server

I have created a new collection type in the content modelling section locally and all works.

When this gets deployed onto our production server (EC2 instance), the new collection type is available and I can add data to it. But when I try and pull the data with the API the request just 404’s.

Any ideas? It’s almost as if Strapi is not picking up the new route or something.

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Go to the settings and verify the permissions for public/authenticated roles

If that looks fine, click on the cog icon in that content type, it will display the endpoints address on the right so h can verify that u got it right

On local if I go to Settings → Global Settings → API Tokens I can see under Permissions that there is a “Customer” option (my custom collection)

On production this is missing

It’s also missing in the command output of “yarn strapi routes:list”, so it’s like the route isn’t being picked up for some reason?

Sorted. rsync was being weird. swapped to git and it works now