New Documentation release: Strapi v4.3.3

Hello everyone! :wave:
Here’s everything new in this week’s documentation deployment:

New :tada:

  • We documented how to use breadcrumbs, a new Media Library feature part of Strapi v4.3.3, useful for navigating between parent folders.
  • We added instructions on adding TypeScript support to an existing project.
  • We removed 1-click installation guides as they are not maintained anymore. More news to come on the deployment side of things soon! :rocket:
  • We removed the Rackspace provider as it’s deprecated.
  • In the Quick Start Guide and CLI installation guide, we mentioned that Python 3 is now an installation prerequisite with SQL databases.
  • We clarified that the Entity Service is meant to help you interact with the database.
  • We added instructions on changing your own password using the new /change-password API endpoint — thanks to the work on the strapi/strapi community PR from WalkingPizza. Thank you!

Improvements :sparkles:

Documentation source code available on Github

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Hi @piwi,

Long time strapi 3 user. Today I tried setting up Strapi V4.3.8 on Google App Engine based on the instructions published, it doesn’t work.

Looking around the community and stack overflow, lots of users are having issues setting up a production instance on GAE. Has the team reviewed the instructions provided? There is not a lot of support available and all previous posts are dead.

Hi @d_w
I’m sorry you are having trouble with Google App Engine on Strapi v4.3.8.
Strapi moves fast, and possibly, things might have evolved on the Google App Engine side between the 4.3.3 and 4.3.8 releases. I’m looping in @Shaun_Brown, who has some upcoming work planned for the deployment guides and could be of help :slight_smile:

Hello @d_w, Do you have any additional details that might help me to resolve your problem? Some helpful information might include an error message, which type of database you are using, and anything else that you can think of.