New Documentation release: Strapi v4.4.0

Hello everyone! :wave:
Here’s everything new in this week’s documentation deployment:

New :tada:

  • Strapi 4.4.0 comes with 2 new major additions: Custom Fields and a new version of API tokens. We added documentation on how to create and use Custom Fields and how to use the new API tokens in the admin panel.
  • We added a 4.3.6 → 4.3.8 migration guide to fix an issue with SQlite databases.
  • The Strapi documentation website now uses a new, more colorful branding. We hope you’ll like it! It also includes a satisfaction widget. Get ready for more website improvements in the forthcoming months! :rocket:

Improvements :sparkles:

Documentation source code available on Github

is there a migration guide for 4.3.8 to 4.4?