New Documentation release: Strapi v4.4.6

Hello everyone! :wave:
Here’s everything new in this week’s documentation deployment:

New :tada:

  • As a follow-up to what we already did for Strapi docs v4.4.4, we’ve finished cleaning up old guides:
    • We integrated the content of the “Authenticated request” guide to the Users & Permissions plugin documentation.
    • We created a new Process manager page in the Deployment section to replace the old “Process manager” guide.
    • We updated the Scheduled publication to Strapi v4 and moved it to the forum.
    • We archived the “New WYSIWYG in admin panel” guide (see forum post) as Custom Fields should now be used to replace the default WYSIWYG.
    • We removed the outdated “Create a slug system” guide and added a callout in the User Guide mentioning you can use the UID field to create slugs.
    • We removed the “JWT validation” guide and will soon reintroduce updated content in another documentation section.
  • We’ve enhanced the Custom Fields documentation with more comprehensive examples. More documentation will be added in the forthcoming weeks to handle the components and options passed when declaring the custom field in the admin panel. Stay tuned :eyes:
  • We’ve drawn your attention to the fact that using patch-package might break your plugin in future major versions of Strapi.
  • We’ve removed outdated email templates from admin panel customization documentation (see this PR).
  • We’ve added a v4.4.3 → 4.4.5 migration guide to handle a favicon change.
  • We’ve simplified and updated our contributing guide.
  • We’ve fine-tuned the search results returned by Algolia even more.

Improvements and community contributions :sparkles: