New Documentation website with dark mode! πŸš€

Hello everyone :wave:

We are super excited to announce that is now running our beautiful, all-new, dark-mode compatible version of the Strapi Documentation, based on!

:sparkles: New UI/UX features include:

  • a light mode/dark mode switch,
  • a secondary table of content on the right side of every page,
  • synchronized tabs (try clicking on Yarn/NPM or JavaScript/TypeScript tab on a page, and see your choice reflected on the whole website),
  • a new Algolia search box powered by DocSearch,
  • shortened and more meaningful URLs,
  • and many more minor improvements.

It’s a huge milestone we reached today. :checkered_flag:
This is only the start, as many more improvements are coming over the following months (a dedicated homepage, an API docs layout, some custom and interactive components, etc.) :rocket:

We hope you will love these new docs and are looking forward to your feedback :eyes:

PS: The content itself is also under rework, and we will increase coverage and comprehensiveness throughout 2023 with better code examples, more conceptual information, and more content for both beginners and advanced users .


Amazing job Strapi team :tada::rocket:

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