New release: Strapi v3.3.0 and v3.3.1

Hello, dear community!

We’ve released a new Strapi version with several fixes and enhancements (here’s the changelog for more details).

From now on, you will see a new “Application” tab in “Settings”. That’s where you will find out what Strapi version and license that you use as well as what latest version is available at the moment.
You will also get a notification once a new Strapi version is out so that you can update Strapi and enjoy the new features and fixes ASAP :slight_smile:
Lastly, we added Nodemailer as an email provider.

Here’s the migration guide to follow to update your Strapi project :point_down:

Thank you for your contributions! Stay safe and take care :wave:
The Strapi team


Massive thank you to:

  • Yurii Tykhomyrov
  • Veit Bjarsch
  • Saunved Mutalik
  • Robert Schäfer

For their work on the original work on the strapi-provider-email-nodemailer and we are super happy to have merged their provider into the core!

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After upgrading from 3.2.5 to 3.3.0 the media libary does not works anymore
My Strapi is out of the box, I just created collection types and items and also added about 100 pictures in the media library

Just tested the upgrade (dependency upgrade, yarn install && yarn build && yarn develop), same issue.

@JGallapont and @VMonsch

We are debugging and working through the issue right now, we should have a release v3.3.1 here shortly.

The issue was fixed in the v3.3.1. See details in the changelog


Hello, thanks the fix with 3.3.1 is working

During the npm install I have these messages which is quite surprising using an OOTB version. How can I fix it ?

@JGallapont We have some older dependencies that do need updating but it requires some code refactoring. There isn’t any breaking issues right now that force us to make that a focus at the moment, and no security risks that we have identified. We plan to take a deeper look at these towards the end of Q1 2021 and start of Q2 2021.