New release: Strapi v3.4.2

Hello, dear community!

We’re hoping that 2021 is a better year for each one of you :sparkling_heart:
On our side, we’re working to make Strapi a better product by releasing a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes in the v3.4.2 :sparkles:

The full list of updates is in the changelog, and here’s a short overview of what’s new:

  • Add session option to Strapi query for Mongo Multi-Document transaction
  • Configurable default _limit parameter
  • Adding documentation for Apple M1 users
  • Fix query when filtering and sorting on a relational field
  • Refactor graphql association resolvers
  • Fix deep query sort when using pagination operators (start, limit) & MongoDB

Thank you for all of your contributions :heart: and we’re happy to receive every bit of feedback!

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