New release: Strapi v3.5.3

Hello, dear community!

We have released a new 3.5.3 version :space_invader: Here’s a brief overview of what’s new:

New feature

  • [plugin:email] Add email test in plugin settings

Bug Fix

  • [admin] Fixed bug that wasn’t enabling to click behind notification div
  • [admin] Enable the content type builder in other environments than development
  • [admin] Revert “Issue: Domain name validation c Fixed. With Ref to Previous PR #9496
  • [core:database] Fix error with polymorphic relations when the attribute name is different to related
  • [plugin:content-manager] Fix WYSIWYG state
  • [plugin:graphql] Fix GraphQL dynamic zone population


  • [core:framework] Add delete function in plugin database store
  • [plugin:content-manager] Fix display of falsey values in component banner

A huge THANK YOU for all of your contributions! :heartpulse:
Stay tuned for more updates!