New release: Strapi v4.0.3

Hello everybody!
Hope you’re enjoying the new year! We are starting to ramp up in the Strapi team as everyone is coming back from holiday vacations. :sunglasses:

We’ve released a new version: v4.0.3 with lots of fixes and enhancements.

Here are the main updates:

  • Various fixes to display issues within the admin panel, including the WYSIWYG
  • Fixed various issues in Firefox and Safari including drag & drop upload
  • Fixed wrong Axios instance in the email plugin
  • Fixed ability to use the GraphQL playground in production
  • Fixed GraphQL enums being generated as strings
  • All admin panel builds will now be clean builds - removed the --clean flag
  • Fixed some issues in the plugin generators
  • Upgraded webpack config and related dependencies
  • Fixed required fields UI
  • Bump the Strapi Design System version

As usual, you’ll find more details on Github :slight_smile:
Still tons of thanks to all who are submitting bug fix PRs and reporting bugs to us, you have no idea how much it means to see so much activity from our community around v4 and we really wish to continue improving our communication with everyone!

With Love :heart:,
The Strapi team


Thanks for the fixes strapi team :star2: