New release: Strapi v4.0.4

Hello everybody!

We’ve released a new version: v4.0.4 with a few small fixes and the primary being fixing the issue with color.js.

Here are the main updates:

  • Fix infinite loading caused when filling from another local
  • Colors fix
  • Some UI fix for the WYSIWYG
  • Add DZ description
  • Prevent saving content type when dynamic zone does not have components.

As usual, you’ll find more details on Github :slight_smile:
We strongly recommend upgrading to this version ASAP to resolve the issues with colors. As for the future of dependencies related to colors, we will look at and evaluate this at a later date. For now our goal is to fix the issue and get people back up and running.

With Love :heart:,
The Strapi team


Thank you
To the whole Strapi :unicorn: team!