New Release: Strapi v4.1.11

Hey everyone!

We’ve just released the new 4.1.11 version of Strapi which include some important fixes and quality of life improvement.

As always you can refer to the changelog for the full list of changes.


  • Fixed a bug preventing new admin user registration
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the users and permissions’ email confirmation feature to work properly


  • Load the storage providers (upload plugin) before the server start

A big thanks to the community members who’ve spotted bugs introduced by the v4.1.10 so quickly, it’s always a pleasure to be part of such an active and involved community. We couldn’t do this without you. :purple_heart:

This post concerns the latest v4 version, if you’re still in v3 and wish to migrate to v4, we’ve got you covered with v3 to v4 migration scripts