New Release: Strapi v4.1.12

Hello there!

We’ve released a v4.1.12 with massive amount of new bug fixes. Huge thank you to many of our community members! We had 13 community contributors and only 4 Strapi team members with PRs during this release.

The community is amazing :slight_smile:

Bug Fix

  • Tons of them, please check the full change log on GitHub

New Feature:

  • Make component icons optional (Yes! Finally!)
  • Add DB lifecycle states for all beforeX and afterX events


  • Validate plugin/middleware/policy names inside of generators
  • Check plugin name is kebab-cased


  • Update Strapi design system to v1.1.1

We hope that it will make your experience smoother! A huge thank you to all contributors and everyone, who helps us to improve Strapi :purple_heart:

By the way, did you test the new v3 → v4 migration scripts? :eyes: