New release: Strapi v4.1.3

Hello everyone! We are stepping a bit out of the normal release schedule to issue a
:warning: security release hotfix :warning: , among this release there is also some welcome bug fixes :bug: :hammer:

:rotating_light: Security :rotating_light:

  • Fix deep populate sanitize media

Bug Fixes

  • Fix sync layouts when removing all relations
  • Huge performance fix for relations in the list/edit views :partying_face:
  • Fix PK check disabled on MySQL (fixes DigitalOcean MySQL)
  • Include required description in 200 response
  • Set operation ID in the documentation plugin


  • Allow special characters in enumeration field values
  • Allow U&P rate limiter config to be overridden in specific routes

Check out Github for more details. Many thanks for your contributions! :purple_heart:
Also, the new marketplace is listing more and more plugins every day so don’t forget to check it out :grin:

StrapiConf is next week! Have you registered? If not do ittttttt!!!