New Strapi Starter with Next.js 13, Tailwind, and TypeScript

Today, we're excited to introduce our new Strapi Starter built with Next.js 13, Tailwind, and TypeScript.

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Big thanks for the update, i cant wait to get my hands on the new next.js13 starter :slight_smile:

The link in the following sentence is broken:

You can check it out here.

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@Cyclodex and @ilvif666 thank you for letting me know, I will update it ASAP. I forgot that I redeployed the front end. here is the new link Home

Thanks a lot for putting this together guys, really appreciate it.

One question I have is which I hope you can help with is how can we generate static paths in [...slug]/page.tsx ?

I cannot find a way to generate static paths in all locales in a catch all route in Next 13/14


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I wonder if it would work similar to this example. But I will do more research.

I also found this thread.

I am going to try to create a working example based on the above two links.