New to Graphql. Modified pagination not working

Here is the pagination query I have. As you can see it calculates the amount of pages & current page based on the provided LIMIT.

const bots = await, []);
const count = await; // total items
const current_page = Math.ceil((ctx.query._start - 1) / ctx.query._limit) + 1; 
const total_pages = Math.ceil(count/ctx.query._limit); 
let response = => sanitizeEntity(bot, { model: }));
return {
    count: count,
    bots: response,
    pages: total_pages,
    current: current_page

When I use Graphql to fetch this data I get

"message": "Expected Iterable, but did not find one for field \"Query.bots\".". I get that it expects an iterable entity but I am sending something like

        count: 30,
        bots: [...],
        pages: 3,
        current: 1

Is there any way to make it work?