New to Strapi v4? Share your learning resources here

Hi all,
Based on what I see on Discord and here in the forum, seems like majority are struggling with v4. Personally, I feel the team is working tirelessly to answer questions and make changes, however, I also feel it was released prematurely! (no one gets mad at me plz :sweat_smile: )

I will try to compile a list of all useful resources that everyone uses for their customizations. I will also list questions that the current documentation doesn’t address in version 4. Please chime in by adding your resources or try to answer any of the questions based on your own experience. Later, I will clean up the responses and post them for future reference.

  • Registration and Login
  1. How do you customize registration process to include OTP to verify phone number during registration or add any other customization to the registration? Where would you build the custom controller and what the best practice to build it in Strapi v4?
  2. On updating user profile, where would you build the custom controllers needed?
  3. When updating user password, are there any specific requirements to update the password field?
  4. What’s the path to use to update current user profile? Is it still (/users/me and /users/:id)?
  5. Can you change the routes for login/registration?
  6. The docs talk about 2 default roles (authenticated/public). How do we use other roles that we create for users and how do we remove these 2 roles if we don’t want to utilize them?
  7. Are there default built-in policies such as is-owner, is-authenticated, etc that are available to be used? What are other policies you have created and would like to share with everyone?
  • General
  1. What are the best practices for using Dynamic zones? Give examples of how you used them*.
  2. What are the best practices for using Components? Give examples of how you used them*.
  3. What are the best practices for using Services? Give examples of how you used them*.
  • It would be great if you share screenshots or code snippets for sharables

Please feel free to add questions/answers that you came across and you find them helpful for Strapi starters. I’ll add them later to the list.