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When we hear about Strapi, we have many things to say about what the open-source product stands for and the community that contributes to it. But behind it, there is a multicultural organization filled with talented and kind people, all gathered around the same mission and vision. We have so many anecdotes to tell, the role each Strapier plays (this is how we affectionately call our teammates at Strapi that have completed the onboarding process), and what it is like to be part of building the rocket while flying it. Today, I am grateful for them, the Strapiers - who help Strapi be a better place to work every day. That is why we are thrilled to announce the new blog section: "Strapi Life Blog."

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I would love to know the following aspects of the life of people at Strapi:

  • What is the typical daily schedule of the CTO and development team outside work?

  • How does Strapi, as an organization, keep the team motivated to learn new tech?

  • How does Strapi retain talent?

Look forward to learning from stalwarts at Strapi!

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Hello :wave:
Thanks for the suggestions.

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Great news!

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