Next.js RSC / strapi content

I am building a site for a client. I use WP to handle the content but would like to use strapi.

My use case is that my client would like to update the content regularly so I guess he can do that via the strapi UI.

By content I mean headings, company bio descriptions, about us section, add news items

I have a question around the next.js implementation. How do I access my content types at component level? So I assume I fetch all content and assign to a context so the data is available throughout the app?

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I like to use GitHub - pluginpal/strapi-webtools: 🔗 Unique, flexible and autogenerated URLs for your Strapi managed web content. for managing the URLs and fetching the data. It provides a single endpoint which will provide you the context & the data. So you can render differnet components based on the context.

About the sections, news items etc you can all set this up manually using the Content Type Builder from Strapi