NextJS with Strapi: Media not being uploaded on entry creation

Hey there
I have a collection named gig, and I’m trying to upload a few attachments and banners right after creating a Gig.
This is how my POST request looks like

const Formik = useFormik({
    initialValues: {
      title: "",
      category: "",
      subCategory: "",
      description: "",
      services: [],
      attributes: [],
      banners: null,
      attachments: null,
    onSubmit: async (values) => {
      try {
        const formData = new FormData();
        let data = {};
        Object.keys(values)?.forEach((property, key) => {
          if (property != "banners" && property != "attachments") {
            if (property == "category" || property == "subCategory") {
              data[property] = { connect: [values[property]] };
            } else {
              data[property] = property.includes("Price")
                ? Number(values[property])
                : values[property];
          } else {
            formData.append(`files.${property}`, values[property]);
        formData.append("data", JSON.stringify(data));
        const res = await fetch(
            method: "POST",
            body: formData,
            headers: {
              Authorization: "Bearer " + Cookies.get("token"),
        toast.success("Gig created successfully!");
      } catch (error) {
        toast.error("Couldn't create Gig");

Everything seems working fine except the banners and attachments.
However I can see that my files are being sent. It’s just that they are not being saved in Strapi.

Can you guys please help me find out what am I doing wrong here?

I think you want to send uploaded files to /upload as a POST request. then once you get that back you can assign the ID you get back to the gigs you are doing.

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Yes that is also a solution but for that I will have to do so much extra work.
My current approach is documented already but don’t know why it’s not working.

Had to do this way and everything seems fine now. Direct file upload while entry creation is somehow not working.