No medias in API response

Hey guys!
i’m new on Strapi’s world and i’ve create my project with this awesome CMS. (Currently on (v4.1.7)
Issue : when i fetch my API’s datas, i have all my custom fields and values, but no medias…
For example here is my “page” configuration on backend / and my API’s response :

As you can see, i don’t have my image on the response… It’s the same behavior for my users avatar for example. I think it’s a global issue with the medias permissions…

But obviously, everything is checked on permissions settings …

Someone can help me with this?

Thanks for your help :pray:

Try adding populate to api query

Thanks for your response!
But unfortunately i’ve already try the “populate” parameter. Here is my request URL who returns my screenshot : http://localhost:1337/api/pages?populate=*.
Without images … :sweat_smile:

Anyone else? :cry: