No Proper documentation found for injectContentManagerComponent

So I was using this function called injectContentManagerComponent() and the I didn’t found any documentation regarding the arguments that can be passed in it. all that is mentioned in latest docs is String, String.

app.injectContentManagerComponent("editView", "right-links", {
      name: "Date things",
      Component: DatesInput,

here I want to know what other arguments I can pass alternate to editView and right-links

Hi @Himanshu_Bari,

As I understand from this doc → Admin Panel API for plugins | Strapi Documentation

The available options are listView and editView. In the table show in the link above, in the 2nd column there are also some available options for the 2nd argument.

Lastly there is an option of creating and using your own custom injection zones.

Hope this helps your work :slight_smile: