Not all of the data is visible in the endpoint :(

Greetings of the day!

I am trying to get a menu that I’ve created (single type) via api.
This menu has a logo, a button, and a collection of menu__items.

This is how I am getting the menu on the endpoint:

I am getting some information, like the logo, the button, and the menu__items, but the menu__items are incomplete. :frowning:

My menu__items are composed like this:

  • label (showing in the api)
  • url (showing in the api)
  • menu__main (component - not showing in the api)
  • menu__aside (component - not showing in the api)

I would like to get all of the menu information on the endpoint.
Everything is published. everything has “find” and “findOne” activated on Roles.

One thing that I have to mention, is that I discovered a plugin that helps with this issue, it is called “populate deep”. But I was wondering is there was a solution without the plugin.

I would suggest the plugin, that’s why they are made in the first place to help solve things that are not right out of the box. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Eventyret thank you. Plugin is working totally fine. Sticking with it.