NOTICE: Community Pull Request Change Freeze

Hey everyone,

In order to make the process of merging the v4 code changes into the master branch over the next 2 months we are placing a community pull request change freeze into effect. Starting today (August 5th, 2021) until September 30th, 2021 October 8th, 2021 any non-critical pull request will be closed unless it’s approved by a member of the Strapi team.

As you have seen we are a bit behind on previous pull request reviews and in order to cut down on the time required to review and merge into the v3 master branch. Likewise we want to try to cut down on the complexity of merging the v3 code into our v4 branches and help ease the work required on our engineers when dealing with conflicts.

If you believe your pull request is of a high enough priority that it should be allowed past the change freeze please feel free to respond here or you are welcome to email us at

If you have any questions please let me know, for those with existing pull requests we will respond to the pull requests over the next few weeks to determine if it’s possible to merge or if they will need to be closed until after the change freeze.

As a small side note, I just wanted to say thank you to our entire community and all of the fantastic projects you are building with Strapi and we want to thank each and every one of you for donating your time to help make the project better.


Where can I find the roadmap? As I’m using strapi more I’m finding I need to make certain customisations that I don’t get out of the box and I’m finding it difficult deciding which direction to take. Do I completely override a plugin feature? Do I submit a PR to the plugin source? Do I use one of the many existing 3rd party plugins that override simple features?
I am seeing quite a bit of fragmentation where people are creating separate plugins (eg variations of the upload plugin) just to add one small feature instead of adding that feature to the official plugin. Why is this? Can I assume because strapi maintainers don’t accept PR changes? What’s the plan to better support community requests?

Small update on the length of the change freeze, it has been extended 1 more week (October 8th, 2021). New contributions will only be accepted into the v4 beta not the master.