Nuxt-img edge with strapi provider - How to make image responsive?

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I can see many issues on my side concerning the integration strapi as an image provider in my nuxt 3 project.
First, the only attribute working with this provider is the “modifier”. We can set a unique breakpoint, something like this:

<nuxt-img provider="strapi" src="..." :modifiers="{ breakpoint: 'small' }" />

Secondly: The url generated is wrong, it’s something like /uploads/large/my_image.png instead of

I can’t figure out how to make the image responsive depending on the screen size. Has anyone already used it before ?

Thank you!

There is an open issue on the nuxt image module for this:

So far no insight from the powers at be. I’m looking at the module code now, but no idea what could be the problem yet.