Odd characters added to json by server

hi all

when i update a record and try to add data to a component my json is outputting on the strapi server as below.

‘{“Diskspace”:’: {
‘{“driveletter”:“C:”,“freespace”:701568102400,“size”:999440773120},{“driveletter”:“D:”,“freespace”:965372076032,“size”:1000186310656},{“driveletter”:“E:”,“freespace”:null,“size”:null}’: ‘’

i am using PowerShell invoke-restmethod to post the data and when i output the json before i send it it shows as below.


i can see that its adding a ’ next to the { on the first line next to diskspace but if i copy my json output from PowerShell to postman it is correct and allows me to post the data

im new to strapi so any help is apricated and thanks in advance

System Information
  • v3.5.4:
  • windows server 2019:
  • mongodb:
  • v14.15.5: