Only some data on public api is accessible via NextJs

Im new to this so I may be doing something silly, but I made a custom content type called ‘Page’ and within that are a few basic fields like title, slug, image etc. I also made a couple test pages.

when I go to http://localhost:1337/api/pages i can see all the data as expected.

however in my NextJS app, I made a component that fetches the data but its only pulling in some data.

import { fetcher } from “…/…/…/…/lib/api”;
export default async function Page() {
const pageResponse = await fetcher(“/pages”);
return (

    { => (
  • {page.attributes.title}

  • ))}


the console log is returning :
id: 1,
attributes: {
slug: ‘/’,
json: { test: ‘test data’ },
createdAt: ‘2024-02-16T04:16:00.239Z’,
updatedAt: ‘2024-02-16T04:45:13.482Z’,
publishedAt: ‘2024-02-16T04:45:13.479Z’,
locale: ‘en’,
content: [ [Object] ]

its missing the title, and a few other fields. What am I missing?
I have already gone to settings > Roles > public and ticked page find and findOne


I answered my own question, i realised i had to add ?populate=* to the end of the query. im guessing the reason for this is so on certain pages i can pull in only requred data by asking for sepcific fields instead of the whole thing.