Open-source Node.js commerce engine for Strapi

Hi there Strapi community!

I’m Oli, co-creator of the open-source composable commerce engine Medusa. We’ve just released an integration with Strapi, that allows you to add powerful commerce functionality to your Strapi project.

Medusa is built in Node.js and has a very similar architectural blueprint to Strapi. The combination of the two headless engines gives you a 100% customizable commerce + CMS backend for your next project.

See here: Open-source Node.js commerce engine for Strapi - DEV Community

Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Many thanks in advance for checking it out :slight_smile:

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Will have to test this.
This for Strapi V4 or still for V3 @olivermrbl ?

Sounds great! This is for V3. I am still not sure, what it would require for it to be support by V4. Haven’t investigated it yet :slight_smile: