Option to add extra fields to internationalization output?

First off, I love the new i18n feature, and it came at the perfect time for us. I have a small request though.

We use Strapi as a backend to hold data for different pages and now also different language versions of pages. As part of that, and our SEO strategy, we want to be able to create a page like:

to show all horses in London (not a real example :wink:) and then the german version should be:

To do this, we have added a field called “url” to our page component. This works amazingly, but a huge part of having language versions on website with SEO performance is to have hreflangs to all the other language versions. To do that, I need to know what the url is for all the different languages. BUT in the current version, i18n only outputs id, locale and published_at, so it would require an extra query per locale.

I could also use Graphql, which I will most likely end up doing, but then for the page I am rendering, I need to specify all the fields I want out, even though I always want them all :slightly_smiling_face:

Hence I would like the option of being able to specify somewhere, that I want an extra field in the output, besides the id, locale and published_at. Preferably without having to fork the repo and make the change :smiley:

I am not sure that this is the right topic to post it under, but I couldn’t figure out where else it made sense.