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Hi, team!
Does anybody have experience of custom database connectors creation? In my case I need to write custom connector for DynamoDB (Amazon service).
Maybe anybody can recommends some tutorials or articles about custom connectors or has experience in that.
I will be very grateful!

Right now we don’t really have the code in place to support this, however likely in Q3 2021 we will be opening up the connector ecosystem during our database refresh to give the community the option to build their own connectors if ours don’t fit their needs.

My suggestion for now would be to hold off until then.

Hi @DMehaffy,

I was just checking to see if opening connector ecosystem is still on track to be released in Q3 2021?

I don’t believe so, we have modified our plans but the open connector system may be cut since we are going to drop MongoDB for the initial v4 release. After which we will be working with MongoDB + the Mongoose maintainer in early 2022 to see if we can design a system that allows them to build and maintain their own connector.

It’s likely we will handle it then, but @Aurelsicoko / @alexandrebodin may be able to provide more information.

Hey! Is there any news on this? I would like to connect to a Turso database