Package error (@swc/code-darwin-x64) deploying to Strapi Cloud

I have created a new Strapi app wth the command line tool, but when I deploy it to Strapi cloud I get an error:

Couldn’t find any versions for “@swc/core-darwin-x64” that matches 1.5.1

From what I can see, the depencency chain is:


  • @vitejs/plugin-react-swc@3.5.0
    —Optional: @swc/core-darwin-x64@1.5.1

But there is not version 1.5.1 of this package on npm. Even though it’s optional, the build is failing.

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Looks like u built it for a different OS and now it cant run it in Strapi Clouds OS

U might wanna delete the lock file and such or try without optional dependencies

Deleting yarn lock and reinstalling fixed it. Thanks for getting back!