Passwordless login for strapi

Dear community!

I’m looking for your opinion about Passwordless login. I’ve created PR with passworldless functionality to main branch, is it possible to add the PR to main strapi package?

Thank you

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My friend, I think you should wait the plugin API, it will give you the opportunity to configure it as you wish, and it will give others the opportunity to choose if they want to install it. That way you no longer depend on approval.

Dear community, do you have any opinion/advice regarding the topic? Should I wait for new plugin API or I can add the functionality to the code base?

Honestly, we are going to be refactoring the entire users-permissions plugin for v4. I would say hold off for now. Your PR got locked until our Product Managers can review it but with the v4 being worked on, it’s extremely unlikely we will accept many, if any, new features into the v3.

thank you for the answer

I would be happy to write a plug-in for v4 for different types of passwordless auth scenarios. I’m testing v4 beta now and familiarizing myself with the plug-in api.

I can share my passwordless plug-in, what I implemented while waiting the PR

Would be happy to take a look :v:

@kucherenko Hi, Any chance that we can get an update for this pr for v4?

I have plan to do the plugin on the Christmas Holidays.

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Thanks @kucherenko,
If you need assistance please let me know.

I’ve implemented the plugin for strapi v3, working on plugin for v4
Please take a look and give feedback


released strapi-plugin-passwordless@4.0.0 with strapi v4 support


Nice job, congratulations!

I’m trying to dynamically change the email body depending on the language in the USER entry. Are there any additional hooks such as <%= URL %> or <%= CODE %>?

Knowing the answer, what would be the best way to implement this feature?