Patreon OAuth Custom Provider

Hi All!

I’ve been trying to follow the steps suggested in this guide Roles & Permissions - Strapi Developer Documentation and I’m struggling to create a Patreon custom provider. I have the entire auth process working on the frontend using NextJS, so I know there are no issues with the credentials and it’s likely just me still trying to acclimate to Strapi.

Following the Discord path laid out in the example, I created a Patreon Purest instance:

case 'patreon': {
      const patreon = purest({
        provider: 'patreon',
        config: {
          patreon: {
            '': {
              __domain: {
                auth: {
                  auth: {bearer: "[0]"}
              '{path}': {
                __path: {
                  alias: '__default'
        .qs({ access_token })
        .request((err, res, body) => {
          if (err) {
          } else {
            callback(null, {

Pardon my confusion, but my understanding of the Patreon flow is to trigger the auth with API Reference

followed by a post request obtaining the access token via

then finally getting the user (or whatever Patreon) data from

and I feel like I’m missing a crucial part of generating a JWT token and adding a user. I’m currently getting an “invalid token” on the auth/patreon/callback.

Here is also my bootstrap.js:

patreon: {
      enabled: false,  
      icon: 'comments', 
      key: '',  
      secret: '', 
      callback: `${strapi.config.server.url}/auth/patreon/callback`, 
      scope: [  

If anyone could give me any guidance on this I’d appreciate it greatly.

Thanks and have a great day!